Hello, and welcome to the documentation site for Tradevine’s API.

We’ve provided an API to help developers build cool things for the good of our users. These pages are here to help you use our API correctly, and will provide the information you need to get cracking!

Please remember to read our Terms & Conditions for Developers and our regular Terms & Conditions to ensure you don’t do anything that “surprises” us.

Developer API LaptopThis guide is split into three main sections:

  1. Our Getting Started guide is a shortlist of the basic things you need to do to get up and running with our API, and is a useful jumping off point.
  2. The API Overview provides background information you should familiarise yourself with before getting too carried away with the API itself. When you start receiving 400′s from our servers for some reason, the answer will be found in this section.
  3. The API Reference section will help you to understand how to use the cogs that make up the machine. In this section we’ve documented individual API methods to show their inputs and outputs, and have included example URLs where possible. You’re smart people, you’ll work it all out!

Like the API itself this documentation is a perpetual work-in-progress, and will change and get better over time.

Need help?

If you have particular problems we can help with, comments to share, or notice typos that need correcting please email us at support@tradevine.com.